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Knowledge CenterWe are pleased to announce the launch of the NEW CHA Knowledge Center — your place to connect, share and learn! Here you will find webinar recordings, elearning modules and much more. Follow the directions below to access the Knowledge Center.

If you have questions, check our FAQs or contact You can also watch a video tour of the Knowledge Center on YouTube.

Welcoming the StrangerNow Available for CHA Members!

Welcoming the Stranger: Catholic Health Care and Immigration
This e-learning module will help senior leaders, trustees, clinicians, ED staff, social workers, advocacy personnel and others. Go to the Knowledge Center and search for "Welcoming the Stranger."

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Knowledge Center FAQs

How do I access the Knowledge Center?
Follow the directions at the top of the page. First make sure you are logged in (if not already) and click the button to launch the Knowledge Center.

Is it the same login as
Yes. The Knowledge Center is connected to CHAUSA and uses your same login credentials.

Why do I have to log in?
Your login determines what content you are able to view, which is determined by CHA membership.

Is the Knowledge Center for members only?
No. CHA offers a number of educational resources that are made available to the public. CHA members have access to a significant amount of additional resources.

Does the Knowledge Center have all of the CHA educational archives?
At present, CHA is currently offering the content was previously posted on the "Learning Center" page. CHA is working to add additional webinar recordings from our archives along with new elearning resources.

I am not able to log in. What should I do?
If you do not have an online account, go to the Create Account page to create one. Then return to this page to log in. If you already have a login and are having issues, please contact the CHA Service Center at

I am having technical issues from inside the Knowledge Center. Who do I contact?
Contact the LMS technical support team at

I am trying to view content on my iPad/iPhone and it is not displaying.
Many of our archived resources were created using Adobe Flash, which is not supported on iPads and iPhones. Please try to access these resources using a personal computer.

Who do I contact with questions about the content available in the Knowledge Center?
Please contact Lynette Ballard, Sr. Director, Learning Integration at or the CHA web team at