International Outreach

International Outreach - About

Inspired by Gospel teachings to "love thy neighbor as thyself," the Catholic health ministry has served people of all ages, races and backgrounds for centuries in missions, clinics and hospitals worldwide. CHA's international outreach supports members, partnering organizations and the church in a global mission of healing through research, education, consultation and collaboration.

Our goal is to foster the development of best practices and expansion of international initiatives that create effective, sustainable programs which reduce human suffering and improve health outcomes.

  • Serve as a forum for CHA members and partnering organizations to share information, knowledge and best practices.
  • Provide resources and education about needs and opportunities in global health.
  • Offer opportunities for CHA members to work collaboratively and engage in dialogue.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for resources and information.
  • Research ways to optimize medical supply and recovery activities to best serve the needs of recipients, enhance stewardship of resources and promote environmental responsibility.
  • Establish relationships with partner organizations.
  • Create a database of member ministries and activities.
  • Advocate for the ministry's international outreach with government, industry, foundations and other external groups.
  • Collaborate with the church, Catholic Relief Services and other groups to advance the church's mission of healing.
  • Alleviate suffering and strengthen health systems in developing countries.

To learn more about this initiative, available resources or what your organization can do to help, contact Bruce Compton.