August 2014 Community Benefit Update

Opportunities available

  • ACHI is accepting proposals for its annual meeting March 4 – 6 in Dallas. Go to ACHI's website to learn more.
  • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is accepting nominations for its 2015 Culture of Health Prize. Learn more about the Prize, including an informational webinar, FAQ section and more. 
  • In September, CHA will be accepting proposals for the annual Catholic Health Assembly, June 7 – 9, in Washington, DC, where CHA will celebrate its 100th Anniversary. The Pre-Assembly Community Benefit Program selects sessions from those that are submitted for the assembly. Watch your email for an announcement of when to submit your proposal, but you might want to start thinking about what you might propose now. We are particularly interested in hearing about innovative approaches to community benefit, addressing social determinants of health and addressing disparities.

Education programs

CHA's population health project
Staff has been conducting interviews with public health experts, community benefit leaders and population health network executives about population health. What we are learning so far is that our population health and community benefit programs share basic values and principles (the need to attend to health behaviors, social determinants, prevention and the importance of community linkages) but they rarely work together. Is this your experience as well? Please let us know if you have suggestions for other people we could interview. We will keep you informed of our progress.