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Vice President of Mission Integration

Facility: Our Lady of Lourdes RMC
State: Lafayette, Louisiana
Contact Name: Barry McGhee
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The Vice President of Mission Integration provides leadership and actively participates in promoting and integrating mission, vision, and core values. Directs the interpretation, clarification, and understanding of the mission of the organization and the philosophy of the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady both internal to the organization and within the community at large. Vice President of Mission advocates for the development and administration of programs and processes relevant to the mission and philosophy. These programs and processes are delivered in a manner that ensures high quality health care services are provided with compassion, understanding, respect, and dignity. The VP of Mission promotes an environment shaped by service, reverence and love for all of life, joyfulness of spirit, humility, justice, diversity, safety and mutual respect.

Job Duties

  • Promote, integrate, and support the mission, vision, and values of FMOLHS throughout Our Lady of Lourdes RMC, honoring and celebrating the legacy and founding stories of the FMOL sisters and assuring mission integrity
  • Identify theological, ethical, and moral issues embedded in day to day operations, and collaborate in all aspects of operational fidelity to the FMOLHS mission
  • Facilitate values-based decision making for major decisions
  • Participate in due- diligence processes for partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, and joint operating agreements
  • Honoring the legacy of Catholic Social Tradition, understand and apply applicable values and principles to the business of health care
  • Collaborate with the CEO in fostering communication and collaborative relationships with the FMOL members and the Lafayette diocese
  • Continually find ways to illustrate practical but meaningful examples / stories / testimonials of how Lourdes constituencies (i.e., employees, medical staff, board, auxiliary / volunteers, local Catholic parishes, and other interested communities) have connected their own values and intrinsic motivations to the healing ministry, values, and services provided by FMOLHS and Lourdes
  • Work effectively in a geographically, politically, and administratively complex hospital system, displaying effective leadership in settings marked by religious, cultural, and work style diversity
  • Continue development of the pastoral care function in order to optimize spiritual care, i.e., the process of assisting patients through spiritual crises and awakenings prompted by serious health challenges
  • Lead teams and processes charged with assuring that patient care delivered by OLOL conforms to the ethical and religious directives of the Catholic Church
  • Actively lead, encourage and integrate meaningful ethical analysis, deliberation and theological reflection into challenging patient care situations, fully tapping the potential value of such efforts
  • Work to define and address the spiritual component in emerging models of patient care designed to address the complexity of holistic health care challenges confronting the most desperately ill patients within served populations
  • Become a key spokesperson / ambassador for holistic health interventions, promoting both individual and communal spirituality
  • Provide organizational advocacy that will further Lourdes' commitment to the care of those who are poor or otherwise most in need, including advocacy for justice
  • Actively work to cultivate a work culture at Lourdes that serves as a faithful expression of its mission

Minimum Requirements & Education

  • Mature understanding of the Catholic Tradition
  • Mature knowledge of the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, ethical decision making models, and clinical and corporate ethical principles and practices. Knowledge about accountabilities to canon law
  • Formal current and continuing preparation in theology, Christian ethics, and Catholic social teaching
  • Knowledge of contemporary health care issues and trends, as well as financial and compliance principles
  • Graduate-level education (minimum Masters Degree) from an accredited university

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