Innovation Forum A

Monday, June 10 
1:45 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.

A1: PechaKucha™ 20X20 (a series of brief, lively sessions)

This session will be done PechaKucha style – a lively and visually stimulating way to share a story in under seven minutes. Six individual speakers will present unique topics while showing 20 images for 20 seconds each. The engaging session lineup will cover:

1. Dress for a Chance … a program that helps men released from incarceration gain a sense of dignity and confidence by providing them with business attire for job interviews and court appearances, as well as clothing and footwear once they have secured employment. 

Lynnwood Barron
Peer Specialist
Pittsburgh Mercy

2. The Faith Fund — Community Solutions to Break the Cycle of Predatory Lending Practices … a noncredit-based micro lending alternative was created to help people break the cycle of payday loans, stop predatory lending, provide financial education to gain and maintain financial freedom and live a healthier, happier life free of financial burden.

Coletta C. Barrett, RN, FACHE
Vice President, Mission
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
Baton Rouge, La.

3. Socially Integrated Systems of Care for Vulnerable Populations of Homelessness and Human Trafficking … a collaboration between an Austin hospital and community partners that took health care into the community by strategically locating housing services and a walk-in clinic in an area where the homeless have easy access, along with plans for the city’s first fully-integrated, drop-in assessment center to support survivors of human trafficking.

Geronimo M. Rodriguez
Chief Advocacy Officer
Ascension Texas 
Austin, Texas

4. Making "Healthy" the Easy Choice … an initiative to combat childhood obesity that combines community assessment, action planning, and coalition/partnership-building to improve access to healthy foods, increase physical activity and create safe places to play (i.e., breakfast in the classroom, school/community gardens, healthy corner stores).

Jaime Dircksen
Vice President, Community Health and Well-Being
Trinity Health
Livonia, Mich.

5. Hiring for Ministry Fit … a foundational practice to promote, develop and sustain the mission culture in a health care organization by using key criterion to: 1) determine a candidate’s receptivity to ministry; 2) help the hiring leaders establish the importance of ministry self-understanding; and 3) initiating the candidate’s formation experience during the hiring process.

Thomas E. Edelstein
Vice President, Mission
St. Louis

6. An Ethical Approach into Online Exploration of Patients … a tool developed by a behavioral health ethics committee to determine when it is ethically appropriate to search online for a patient’s information versus falling prey to ethical traps related to professionalism, power differentials, privacy and patient trust.

Leslie A. Kuhnel
Division Ethicist
CHI Health
Omaha, Neb.

A2: Intentionality: The Impact of a Culture-Driven, Multifaceted Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Providing culturally appropriate care requires a diverse workforce – one that considers physical attributes and diverse experiential qualities. This holistic approach of how diversity is viewed is necessary to navigate and transcend today’s complex health care environment. With tighter and tighter margins, traditional approaches will no longer be effective. In a time where unconscious biases must be checked and diverse and unconventional approaches chartered, only those who step outside the “norm” will lead and become the thriving organizations of the future. This session will showcase how CHRISTUS Health has leveraged numerous diversity strategies to impact business development and growth.

Tiffany Capeles
Director, Health Equity
Irving, Texas

Lisa Reynolds, Ph.D.
Vice President, Talent Management
Irving, Texas

A3: Trending in Ethics —Planning for the Future

This session, moderated by Becket J. Gremmels, Ph.D., features a robust panel discussion with ministry ethicists about addressing critical needs for the training, recruiting and hiring of ethicists for Catholic health care. It will also highlight the vital role of ethicists in the increasingly complex environment for bioethics and Catholic health care.

Becket J. Gremmels, PH.D
System Director, Ethics
Irving, Texas

A4: Pay Equity in Catholic Health Systems

A confluence of mission/ethical/theological/philosophical/market considerations and questions related to pay equity in Catholic health systems presents an opportunity to help shape compensation practices within U.S. Catholic health care and health care nationally. This session will feature research and panelists focused on understanding both theological and practical considerations that can go into an approach for determining socially responsible compensation. The conversation will serve as a forward thinking kickoff to help advance this topic and its further discussion into the future.


Theodore Chien


Debra Canales
Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer
Providence St. Joseph Health
Renton, Wash.

Joseph Gage
Chief Human Resource Officer
Bon Secours Mercy Health

Carolyn Koenig
Chief Administrative Officer
SSM Health
St. Louis

Dan O'Brien, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President
Ethics and Church Relations
St. Louis

Herbert Vallier
Executive Vice President/Chief Human Resources Officer
St. Louis

A5: Tending Your Soul: Cultivating Presence

In an increasingly frenzied environment, leadership presence is an essential competency. A buzzword in all our workplaces and now Harvard Business Review, "presence" is over-used and ill defined. Ultimately, a leader needs to influence, manage change, communicate effectively and transparently, and understand how different kinds of people work, live and deliver results – all of which are founded in a leader's ability to practice real presence. Using researched-based methods, the facilitator of this session will help participants gain a deeper understanding of presence through cultivating intentionality, deepening awareness of habitual patterns and adherence to practices that sustain change.

Leslie Hershberger
Facilitator, Consultant, Writer, Executive Coach