Assembly 2018, San Diego | June 10-12

Call for Innovative Ideas

Thank you for your interest in proposing an Innovative Idea that outlines a program, resource, collaborative venture or other activity that your organization has developed to meet the needs of your community. 

Proposals submitted will be considered for a variety of mediums, such as sessions for the annual assembly and other CHA programs, story coverage in Catholic Health World and Health Progress, videos, webinars, etc.

Suggested Proposal Topics

While you are welcome to submit a proposal in a topic of your choice, CHA is particularly interested in Innovative Ideas that address issues such as:
  • Emerging markets
  • Mission in joint ventures, consolidations and mergers
  • Mission in a consumer-driven society
  • Succession planning
  • Ministry leadership formation
  • Social determinants of health
  • Immigration
  • Diversity and disparities
  • Human vulnerability and resilience
  • Patient-centered and/or age-friendly care
  • End of life/palliative care
  • Compassion fatigue/worker burnout
  • Mental/behavioral health
  • Next steps in health reform
  • Community benefit
  • Relationship of Catholic health care and the Church

Evaluation and Selection

Proposals that are selected as presentations for CHA's annual assembly or other programs will be evaluated based on the criteria listed below. Preference may be given to proposals submitted by or in collaboration with CHA-member organizations.

  • Demonstration of Catholic identity
  • Introduces new ideas or addresses existing challenges
  • Practical and/or replicable applicability
  • Inspiring, innovative, future oriented
  • Engaging, participative adult-learning processes (if selected for programming)
  • Quality of content
  • Well-written narrative and details describing proposed innovation
  • Qualifications, expertise and experience of speaker(s) or author(s)

If selected for an Assembly 2018 presentation, each session will be 60 minutes in length. No more than two (2) presenters will be allowed in each session and CHA will waive the registration fee for one or both presenters. Additionally CHA will reimburse for round-trip, economy-class travel to the assembly plus one night's lodging at the assembly headquarters hotel for one (1) presenter. CHA will not cover registration fees or travel expenses for more presenters than noted above.

Disclosure and Permissions

Proposals selected for CHA's annual assembly or other programs may require signed release forms from the speaker(s) or author(s).

Audio Visual and Handouts

CHA will provide A/V for proposals selected for inclusion in the annual assembly or other CHA programming. The submitter of the selected proposal will be notified well in advance about session purpose, length of presentation, desired instructional methods, quantity of slides, handouts, etc.

Submitting a Proposal

  • Proposals must be submitted via the Call for Innovative Ideas online form. To help prepare your submission, read these Tips & Questions to see what will be needed to complete the form. 
  • To submit a proposal, you will need to log in with your email address and password. If you do not yet have an account created, mouse over the red “Please Log In” button and click the “Create Account” link.
  • Once your proposal is submitted, you may return to view/modify it as many times as you wish through the submission deadline: March 9, 2018.
    Go to proposal form.


For any proposals selected for use in programming or other mediums, CHA will directly contact the submitter directly. Following selection of a proposal, CHA reserves the right to make adjustments to any session or story.


Paula Bommarito
(314) 253-3451