Sr. Concilia Moran Award

For demonstrated creativity and breakthrough thinking

Holly Austin Gibbs
Director, Human Trafficking Response Program
Dignity Health, San Francisco, a member of CommonSpirit Health

Holly Austin Gibbs is the director of Dignity Health’s Human Trafficking Response Program. She leads the development of innovative health care models for victim-centered and trauma-informed approaches to caring for patients who have been ensnared in labor or sex trafficking.

Holly’s influence and direction have enabled Dignity Health to explore additional improvements in the care for trauma and trafficking victims. Due largely to Holly’s leadership, Dignity Health received two federal grants for more than $1.5 million from the U.S. Department of Justice to help the health system expand human trafficking response programs and services.

Holly has devoted her career to helping health care providers treat trafficking victims with compassion, respect and dignity. As a survivor of child sex trafficking herself, Holly puts her experience, insights and expertise to use as a national spokesperson on the issue. Recently she presented at the Health and Human Trafficking Symposium hosted by the

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Holly also has testified before Congress in support of anti-trafficking legislation and has been featured as a keynote speaker for events around the world. She is known for her ability to speak across sectors — those in power and those on the ground level — motivating them toward a common goal of building the health care response to trafficking. She enlists her network of trafficking survivors and advocates to share first-hand experiences with caregivers on the front lines to help them better understand victims’ needs.

Holly is a champion for the voiceless and unheard, advocating against all forms of human trafficking and child exploitation. For her extraordinary vision and trailblazing work, CHA is proud to present Holly Austin Gibbs with the 2019 Sr. Concilia Moran Award.

Jerry Naunheim Photography
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Holly Austin Gibbs receives the Sister Concilia Moran Award at the 2019 Catholic Health Assembly.  (Download hi-res image)