Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act

Our Vision for U.S. Health Care — A Vision from Values

CHA and the Catholic health ministry have been working for decades on behalf of health reform that protects life and expands coverage to the greatest possible number of people in our country. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. While not perfect, it represents a good start toward providing access to everyone.

CHA continues to be actively engaged in health reform implementation as regulations are drafted to put the law into effect, and with efforts to enroll those newly eligible for health insurance. As this process unfolds, additional resources will be made available to help CHA members and others understand the Affordable Care Act and its implications.

Find additional information on advocacy and implementation and education and enrollment.

The Affordable Care Act and Rationing

By: Clarke E. Cochran, PhD
Catholic social teaching's attention to the common good has potential for disentangling some of health care's knottiest paradoxes: American health care is both abundant and scarce. Although the U.S. appears to have the least medical-care rationing of any similar country, we legitimately can be described as having more. It's just that our kind of rationing isn't so obvious.

The United States spends far and away the most money on health care of any advanced nation, yet most people find substantial barriers to access. For some, the barrier is financial; for others, it is the system's extreme complexity, or it is the convoluted structure of insurance coverage.

CHA Open Enrollment Summary Report

As the Affordable Care Act continues to be implemented and millions of uninsured people obtain affordable health insurance coverage, CHA has prepared a report summarizing the successful open enrollment period that concluded earlier this year. The report provides statistics and findings on enrollment and outreach, as well as a brief questionnaire to help health systems and hospitals identify gaps that still need to be filled and challenges yet to address. With the next open enrollment period set to begin in November, CHA's report may be helpful in planning grassroots and partnership activities that can further boost enrollment numbers.

View the report

2015 Open Enrollment Pocket Card Available Now

Download the ACA Pocket Guide

CHA Comments on King v. Burwell Supreme Court Case

CHA has filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the Supreme Court case of King v. Burwell to help defend the Affordable Care Act from a tenuous legal challenge that needlessly threatens the law’s foundation and health care coverage for working families.
CHA Leaders on Capitol Hill as Court Hears ACA Challenge
Catholic Health Association to Supreme Court: Working Families in Every State Should Be Eligible for Subsidies
Amicus Curiae Brief

CHA President and CEO Sr. Carol Keehan also joined a Capitol Hill press conference via video to explain the vital importance of subsidies that enable people to receive the health care they need. In that press conference, families who live in states with a federal insurance marketplace offered emotional testimony about what it would mean for them to lose their health care coverage.

HHS Report on Health Insurance Coverage and the Affordable Care Act

(March 2015) According to HHS report, about 16.4 million uninsured people have gained health coverage since ACA passage – the largest change in the uninsured in four decades

This consumer-friendly brochure is available to distribute in hospitals, clinics, schools and other places in your community. The brochures are an excellent way to quickly explain open enrollment and give people basic information to begin the process.

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Get Covered, Stay Covered Messaging
In addition to reaching out to new enrollees, these materials will help consumers who enrolled in marketplace coverage last year STAY covered.
  • Enroll America developed a helpful infographic that lays out the three simple steps to renewal to ensure consumers #StayCovered with the right amount of financial help and in a plan that meets their needs and budget.
  • Consider having appropriate staff join Enroll America's Communicators Program. Through this program, Enroll America provides trusted partners like hospitals with messaging resources and earned media best practices in reaching individuals effectively through press or in your own communications channels (websites, social media, newsletters etc.)

Certified Application Counselor Toolkit
In preparation for the next open enrollment period, Enroll America is working to help new and existing Certified Application Counselor (CAC) organizations identify individual CACs. Check out their CAC Organization Toolkit to learn how to become a CAC organization, recruit volunteers to serve as individual CACs and identify other community partners.

Presumptive Eligibility Toolkit
An oldie but a goodie, this toolkit provides hospital administrators with information and guidance on implementing the new presumptive eligibility option to enroll patients and their families likely eligible for Medicaid.

Healthcare in the Pulpit
Enroll America's Healthcare in the Pulpit program works to inspire people of faith to take action and get the word out about the new health insurance options made available by the Affordable Care Act. Enroll America is re-launching this program for the second open enrollment period with updated materials, webinars and on-the-ground events. Visit the program's homepage to learn more.

Health Insurance Literacy Resource Hub
Enroll America is actively collecting and cataloging helpful tools, factsheets, videos and strategies to help fill gaps in health insurance literacy among consumes and assisters. Visit the Health Insurance Literacy Hub to learn more.

Get the Word Out on Social Media
Change your organization's social media profile pictures to one of the #GetCovered #StayCovered icons. They're available in every color of the rainbow. Be sure to follow @EnrollAmerica and @GetCoveredUS on Twitter for up-to-date information throughout the second open enrollment period.

Connect with Enroll America in your State
View a list of contact information for key staff in your state. Enroll America operates a full grassroots campaign in 11 states but has key support staff serving every state of the country. Please consider them as a helpful resource.

More Information about Open Enrollment 2.0:

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