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Our Vision for U.S. Health Care — A Vision from Values
The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act became law on March 23, 2010. CHA and the Catholic health ministry have been working for decades on behalf of health reform that protects life and expands coverage to the greatest possible number of people in our country. The Affordable Care Act is not perfect but it represents a good start toward providing access to everyone.

CHA continues to be actively engaged in health reform implementation as regulations are drafted to put the law into effect. As this process unfolds, additional resources will be made available to help CHA members and others understand the Affordable Care Act and its implications.

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Enrollment Social Media Resources (Nov. 2015)

The Health Insurance Marketplace is Now Open! Learn More.

Enrollment Resources

From CHA

  • Enrollment Video – This short, engaging video explains in simple language the basics of the Affordable Care Act, presumptive eligibility and enrollment. There are many ways you can use the video:
    • Post to your website/Facebook page/Twitter feed.
    • Broadcast in waiting rooms and on closed-circuit TV in your hospital(s).
    • Share with local media.
    • Start a staff or community meeting.
  • Enrollment 1-pager — This overview document describes the basics of enrollment, to complement content covered in the video. You might want to post this to a health system intranet or print copies to share with staff and patients.

From Enroll America/Get Covered America

  • 10 Ways to Make Health Coverage Enrollment and Renewal Easy — This easy-to-read document provides a step-by-step approach to help plan enrollment outreach. The steps are presented in the order in which eligible people are likely to go through the process.
  • Enrollment Checklist for 2012 — This helpful checklist provides guidance on planning enrollment, automating processes, minimizing documentation, coordinating data and creating useful materials for consumers and others.
  • Enrollment: Frequently Asked Questions — This quick guide offers answers to common questions about enrollment and provides a form to submit additional questions that will be answered by staff at Enroll America.
  • Glossary of Enrollment Terms — A quick reference to know the words, phrases and acronyms that connect with enrollment work.
  • Best Practices in Outreach and Enrollment for Health Centers — This 16-page resource highlights the outreach and enrollment efforts that have proven effective in health centers and primary care associations. The information and tips included are largely transferrable to hospitals, community organizations and other social service and health care provider groups.

From HHS

  • — This HHS website serves as the main hub for enrollment activity and information. Individuals and small businesses will use this site to shop for health insurance in the state marketplaces and obtain Medicaid coverage, if eligible.
  • — Where is geared to consumers, this web site is designed for professionals learning about the marketplaces and working to help people enroll.
  • Progress Report Video — This video is a quick summary of how recent implementation efforts are moving forward.
  • Consumer Assistance Fact Sheet — This reference document explains the various types of consumer assistance available for the state marketplaces.

From Other Advocacy/Consumer/Research Groups

  • Help Wanted: Preparing Navigators and Other Assisters to Meet New Consumer Needs — This extensive toolkit from FamiliesUSA provides an overview of the navigator programs that will be a key element of enrolling people in coverage. Many hospitals will serve as Navigators or Certified Application Counselors, which were created by the Affordable Care Act to ensure that those who are eligible for new coverage have assistance understanding and navigating the application and enrollment process.
  • Outreach and Enrollment Guide — This resource from the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families explains in detail various consumer assistance rules and opportunities.
  • Kaiser Family Foundation Enrollment Subsidy Calculator — This helpful tool allows people purchasing insurance in the new state-based marketplaces to determine their eligibility for subsidies that offset some of the cost of health coverage. 
  • Medicaid Expansion Tool Kit — This online tool kit from the Center on Budget & Policy Priorities offers state-based Medicaid advocates several resources to make the case for expansion and effectively communicate to the press and others.

Health Insurance Marketplace Info

CHA Health Reform Channel on YouTube

Visit to see CHA-produced videos that represent part of our effort to correct misinformation and show how the reform law is already assisting individuals and families all over the country.

"Health Reform: We Cannot Go Back," featured at the 2012 Catholic Health Assembly in Philadelphia

Realizing Our Vision for U.S. Health Care

A new resource that assesses the health reform law relative to the values and principles named in CHA's Vision document.

Our Vision for U.S. Health Care

Vision Document