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Our Vision for U.S. Health Care — A Vision from Values

CHA strongly advocates a health care system in which everyone has access to quality and affordable care. More than 20 million Americans have gained insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including those with pre-existing and chronic conditions.

Ready to get started helping people sign up? The 2018 Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment period begins November 1, 2018 and runs through December 15, 2018 for all states using the federal marketplace website

Please check here to see enrollment dates for your state. It is critical that CHA members engage their community and spread the word. Resources will be made available to help CHA members take action and get the word out about the Affordable Care Act and Open Enrollment.

Enrollment Resources from HHS

  • – This HHS website serves as the main hub for enrollment activity and information (Spanish speaking consumers can visit Individuals and small businesses will use this site to shop for health insurance in the state marketplaces and obtain Medicaid coverage, if eligible.
  • – Where is geared to consumers, this web site is designed for professionals learning about the marketplaces and working to help people enroll.
  • Know the facts: Make sure you know if your state runs their own exchange or if it’s a state - you can find out here. If it’s not a state, you can click on the right link to check out your state’s website, learn more about the state’s enrollment deadline, and find materials. Note that some states have a longer enrollment period than states.
  • Find help: For questions about signing up or to talk through a consumers options with a trained professional, free and confidential assistance is just a call or click away. You can call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596 or find local, in-person help by visiting
  • Poster: Get Health Insurance for 2018! English | Spanish
  • Brochure: The Health Insurance Marketplace  English | Spanish
  • Fact Sheet: One-Page Guide to the Marketplace  English | Spanish

Enrollment Resources from Get America Covered

  • Get America Covered Poster, Flier, Postcard – Theses helpful graphics are a tools to spread the word about open enrollment. Graphics come in all shapes and sizes so you can post them online, print them for patients and staff or post them on your health system intranet as a reminder about open enrollment. Poster | Flyer | Postcard
  • Facts About Open Enrollment – This cheat sheet contains the key facts you need to know about Open Enrollment including deadline information, the call center number and more. This might be handy to keep in a back pocket when talking with staff and patients about enrollment.
  • 5 Facts the Consumer needs to know – This easy to read flyer will help consumers with the basics of why and how to sign up for health insurance. The flyer presents itself as an easy handout for patients.
  • Enrollment: Frequently Asked Questions – This quick guide offers answers to common questions about enrollment.

Enrollment Resources from Other Advocacy/Consumer/Research Groups

  • Kaiser Family Foundation Enrollment Subsidy Calculator — This helpful tool allows people purchasing insurance in the new state-based marketplaces to determine their eligibility for subsidies that offset some of the cost of health coverage. 
  • Medicaid Expansion Tool Kit — This online tool kit from the Center on Budget & Policy Priorities offers state-based Medicaid advocates several resources to make the case for expansion and effectively communicate to the press and others.

Health Insurance Marketplace Info

Realizing Our Vision for U.S. Health Care

A resource that assesses the health reform law relative to the values and principles named in CHA's Vision document.

Our Vision for U.S. Health Care

Vision Document

CHA Health Reform Channel on YouTube

Visit to see CHA-produced videos that represent part of our effort to correct misinformation and show how the reform law is already assisting individuals and families all over the country.

"Health Reform: We Cannot Go Back," featured at the 2012 Catholic Health Assembly in Philadelphia