A Passionate Voice

For Jesus' Mission of Love and Healing

As the passionate voice of the Catholic health ministry in the United States, the Catholic Health Association advocates with Congress, the Administration, federal agencies, and influential policy organizations to ensure that the nation's health system provides quality, affordable care across the continuum of health care delivery.

CHA raises the ministry's collective voice calling for access to health care for all persons, focusing special attention on vulnerable populations who are unable to speak for themselves.

CHA is recognized nationally as a leader in community benefit planning and reporting. In collaboration with member hospitals and health systems, CHA developed the first uniform standards for community benefit reporting by non-profit groups. Association members worked closely with congressional leaders and the Internal Revenue Service to develop the guidelines, which have been widely adopted by other tax-exempt groups across the country. The association also worked closely with the IRS in the development of the Form 990, Schedule H for hospitals.

For decades, CHA has been a tireless advocate for a health care system that works for everyone. Association members and staff regularly meet with legislators and government officials to bring about meaningful improvements in health care that protect life from conception to natural death and effectively address the issues of cost, coverage and access. Passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010 made great strides in expanding access to health care services for millions of Americans. Much work remains to ensure that all people have access to basic health care through a sensible and affordable system.

CHA will continue to work closely with federal and state health agencies, partner organizations and the church to ensure that health policies and regulations are consistent with Gospel values and ethical principles. CHA also collaborates with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on additional critical issues such as immigration, human trafficking, diversity and global health.

Our Vision

Developed with extensive input from CHA members, these publications express the ministry’s fundamental values and guiding principles for creating a just health care system.

Washington Update

This weekly online newsletter briefs advocacy leaders and others in the ministry about timely legislative and regulatory developments.


The e-Advocacy web-based tool allows members to communicate directly with policy makers on key issues for Catholic health care through access to advocacy letters and speaking points that can be customized for local use.

Catholic Legislative Advocacy Conference

Advocacy leaders and executives join together at this annual conference in Washington, DC, to hear from top policy experts in the Administration and Congress and to meet with senators, representatives and legislative staffs.